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Wizard Uno - All in One review

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Stack of Motherease Wizard Uno cloth nappies

The Motherease Wizard Uno is where we started our cloth bum journey, so it makes sense that it is our first review too!

I now know that when we started our cloth bum journey I took a huge risk… I piled everything into one brand before even trying it. A new mum and slightly naive, it didn’t even occur to me how lucky I was and that not all brands are suited to all babies - thankfully the Wizard Uno suited H perfectly.

I had two main reasons for choosing the Uno as our nappy system: 1, they were as close to a disposable as you could get, and 2, the stay dry fabric promised faster drying times that its bamboo counterparts.

While I was completely on board with cloth nappies and my partner was making all of the right noises, I knew he wasn’t fully sold and I needed to have a system which was as easy to use as possible.

Motherease Wizard Uno in Bear print with cotton booster

Unlike many other all-in-ones the absorbent part of the Uno is one piece fully sewn in, there is no attached insert to stuff or un-stuff, or tongue which needs folding at nappy changes. Nice and easy, on the bum - in the wash - dry - store - back on the bum, no different to a disposable (other than the washing bit of course).

For many babies you can use it day and night, which you can’t with many AIOs. Motherease have helpfully left gaps at the side between the inner and wrap meaning boosters can be added to increase absorbency, an added bonus is the gaps are loose enough that you don’t then need to fish the boosters out before

washing as they work their own way out in the rinse cycle.

You don’t need to boost Unos during the day, although we choose to, unboosted an uno will last 2-3 hours, by adding a microfibre booster this increased to 4-5 hours of on-the-bum time.

In the beginning, we could boost our Unos with the Motherease Sandys large booster and it would see us through the night, as H has grown and is drinking more water we were starting to get leaks so we moved over to a hemp booster instead. At around 7 months found that even hemp wasn’t cutting it at night and moved over to a two-part system, although it would seem that H is a particularly heavy wetter at night.

Fitting wise all Unos are popper fastening, which is the preference in our household as madame likes to undo aplix. Motherease use an L-shaped popper formation which makes the nappy nice and secure so when we’re off on our adventures we don’t have to worry about the nappy shifting and making gaps for leaks.

Professional photo of baby wearing Motherease Wizard Uno by Mini Clicks photograpy

We started using our Unos from 7 weeks when H reached the 8lb minimum recommended weight, the three lines of rise popper meant we could tuck the front up nice and small and we’ve opened these out a she’s grown.

There is a lot of hype around all of the Motherease products at the moment meaning they can be hard to get hold of and people are paying silly money on eBay for the rarer prints. Part of the reason for this is because cloth is slowly becoming more mainstream and Motherease are a family run business which wasn’t used to this level of demand (although they are catching up). However there is no denying that the Wizard Uno is one of the simpler nappies to use, not to mention faster drying which is very attractive to most cloth bum parents.

My personal opinion, is these nappies are great for us, getting started they are a brilliant option for getting less enthusiastic family members on board (our childminder requested we only sent Unos in with H), however there are other great options out there who also stand-up on containment and absorbency, so it’s not worth paying above market value.

Five different prints by Motherease Reusable Nappies

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