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Cloth Nappies


Cloth nappies can sound confusing and like a lot of hard work when you're just getting started, but I promise you they are not!


I have collated a number of blog posts sharing the perspective of a Cloth Bum Mum using their nappies in a real-life setting. All views and opinions are based on my own experiences and are never swayed by collaborations. 

On the left here is a menu of the most common nappy types and terms, along with some advice for buying nappies pre-loved and how to wash them.

I have recently been bestowed the honour of joining The Nappy Gurus team, and whilst any purchases you make using my affiliate link (or my code LOUISAD if the link isn't working) do earn me a small commission, they also earn you a 10% discount on most items and my advice will always be impartial. If there is a brand better suited to you and your baby not sold by The Nappy Gurus I will always make that recommendation.

If you would like a personalised recommendation you can contact me via The Nappy Gurus advice questionnaire, or through my contact me form.

The very best way to get started with cloth nappies is to work with your local nappy library, most libraries offer kits of different brand and style which you can borrow and try over a few weeks for a small fee while you work out what is best for you and your family.

A collection of my informational Blog Posts about how to use cloth nappies