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Cloth Nappy Types


All in One (AIO)

These are the most similar to a disposable nappy in that very little preparation is required for them to be ready to go. The absorbent inner is attached to the waterproof wrap and little to no "stuffing" is required, although boosters can be added to increase absorbency

All in Two (AI2)

Also known as a hybrid, they are very similar to the AIO, however, the absorbent inner will pop out of the wrap. Some brands allow you to re-use the wrap if it is not soiled making it a cost-effective system to set-up.


As the name implies, the nappy is made of a waterproof wrap with a fleece lining, there is a pocket at the back for you to "stuff" your chosen insert or boosters into.


Flat Nappy

A traditional terry towel, pre-fold or muslin nappy, will require folding either into a pad or a nappy shape and fastening with a Nippa. Flat nappies are fully absorbent and will require a waterproof wrap over the top.


A slightly more modern version of the flat nappy. These are fully absorbent nappies which are sewn into shape and include an aplix or popper fastening for ease of fitting. These will also require a waterproof wrap over the top.


There is no absorbency at all within a wrap, these are designed to go over the top of your shaped nappy to protect baby's clothes from the moisture. 

Birth to Potty (BTP)

Occasionally called one-size, refers to adjustable nappies which should fit from birth(ish) to - potty training. Generally, these nappies fit from 8-10lb up to 35lb. Most people will need to wait a few weeks for BTP to fit and some bigger babies may outgrow them before potty training, however one-size fits most.

Sized nappies

Fitting a smaller range of sizes, sized nappies are suitable for smaller and bigger children. Birth to Potty nappies will fit few newborn babies and a size one or newborn sized nappy is recommended from birth. Similarly, for older children needing nappies for longer, size three nappies generally fit from 35lb +. With most brands size two fits the same weight range as birth to potty.

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