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Nappy Components



Usually made from hemp, bamboo, cotton or microfibre, boosters can be added to any nappy to increase absorbency or allow overnight use.


Similar to a booster, pocket and AI2 nappies require inserts to make them absorbent, some inserts can be interchangeable from brand to brand, some will only be compatible with their own.


Available in either reusable or disposable, the liner sits between the nappy and baby's bottom to catch poo and save as much from reaching the nappy as possible. 

Nappy Bucket/Dry Pail

Cloth nappies no longer need to be soaked before washing, in fact with the modern fibres used most manufacturers advise against soaking your nappies. When storing dirty nappies some people choose a bucket, there is debate about whether a fully enclosed bucket or a breathable one with air holes is better at combating smells.

Mesh liner

A mesh bag which hangs in your nappy bucket, on wash day this entire bag can be placed open in your machine and the nappies will tumble out during the cycle so that you don’t have to touch your dirty nappies when transferring them to the machine.

Wet Bag

Usually made from PUL, these bags come in varying sizes to store your dirty nappies before wash day. We use small bags for short journeys out and about when we’re only carrying one emergency nappy, medium bags for a longer day out where there may be multiple changes and a large bag for the changing table and weekends away. Similar to the mesh liner, you can unzip your wet bags and place them straight in the machine without having to pick out your dirty nappies.

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