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Buying Pre-Loved


Most cloth nappies have a longer life than their general use requires, which is what makes them such a cost effective option as they can be used for multiple children if you are planning more. Purchasing your nappies pre-loved is also a great way to nab a bargain and build your stash at a much lower cost. The best place to look for pre-loved nappies are the specialist Facebook Pages, below I have shared the most common terminology used for buying and selling pre-loved nappies.


Excellent Used Condition, describes a nappy which is almost as new, generally these should have been pre-washed only or used once or twice. You should expect to pay 80-90% of RRP for an EUC nappy.


Very Good Used Condition, the nappy has been used for a few months, no stinks or stains, elastics, PUL and velcro are all still as new. You should expect to pay 60-90% of RRP for a VGUC nappy.


Good Used Condition, usually has had a long life but is still perfectly functional, the elastics may be slightly slack and some signs of wear, nothing which affects the use. You should expect to pay no more than 60% of RRP for a GUC nappy.



Desparately/In Search Of, if you're looking for a particular print or brand, list an ISO post and sellers may contact you if they have what you're looking for.

All In

When a post says the price is all in, this means it includes postage and PayPal fees. If you are buying multiple items from the same seller who has priced them all in, ask for a quote for all of the items including postage.

When buying pre-loved, always ask the seller for multiple photos of the inside and outside of the nappy, if there are any mentions of defects or stains ask for photos of these too. If the seller hasn’t mentioned it in the post I would always ask the following questions before agreeing to purchase:

  • Are the elastics still tight?

  • Is there any damage to the PUL?

  • Are there any stinks or stains?

  • Is the nappy in usable condition?

Always pay for pre-loved nappies via PayPal Goods and Services, this charges an admin fee to the seller, they should specify in the ad if the fees are included or if you need to add them on top (there is a handy calculator here if you need to add them on top). By paying Goods and Services you are protected by PayPal should the nappy arrive not in the condition it was sold, or not arrive at all.

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