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Peachi Baby - Cloth nappy review

Peachi baby modern cloth nappy

When the lovely Rosie, owner of Peachi Baby got in touch with me and asked if I would like to receive one of her new nappies in return for some feedback on the design and fit we jumped at the chance.

I'm always happy to try new brands and increase my knowledge of the different styles and to couple this with supporting a small British business, it was a winner all around. I will clarify that I was not asked to share any reviews about the nappy in my public channels I have chosen to because (spoiler alert) I loved it!

Rosie and I discussed at length about the nappy and how it's made. The nappies are manufactured in China, however, Rosie went out and visited a number of different factories to compare quality and factory standards personally, before settling on one which produces the nappies a little more slowly, but surpassed the others in terms of quality. Rosie did also approach British manufacturers but wasn't able to make the desired progress and as the bamboo would be shipped from China in the first place decided that it didn't impact the supply chain which she aims to make as sustainable as possible.

Peachi Baby real cloth nappy in geese print

One thing that really stood out to me when Rosie first got in touch was the prints (if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I'm a sucker for prints). One USP of Peachi Baby nappies is the prints, each of the fresh and clean designs are hand drawn or painted by female artists, inspired by love and nature, and only a limited number of each is made. I was invited to select my own print and just had to have geese, something about it spoke to me.

When the nappy arrived I was delighted to see that it came in a 100% compostable bag, which includes a second line of glue so it can be reused at least once more before being composted. Inside the postage bag the nappy is completely wrapper and tag free, there is a singular postcard with the care guidelines, meaning if you are ordering multiple (and do, there are discounts for ordering bundles), you will still only receive one card.

On initial inspection the nappy seems small compared to a lot of other brands, however, these are not designed to fit like other brands and they sit much lower, more like underwear, so around the hips rather than over the top. The nappy had a very luxury feel to it, the outer PUL was nice and soft, as was the fleece lining and two bamboo inserts

This is a true hybrid nappy as a cross between a pocket and all-in-two, between the cover and fleece lining there is a pocket and there is a popper on top. You receive two inserts with each nappy, one long anchor insert which can be folded to give you the absorbency where you need and can be either placed on top or within the pocket, and one smaller one which can be poppered on the top. I chose to place the anchor insert inside the pocket, H is (unusually for a girl) a front wetter so I place the T end towards the front as you would for a boy, other girl mums may prefer to have the T towards the back instead, then I popper the smaller one on top.

Even with the two inserts, these nappies are delightfully slim fitting and perfect for the more snug clothing we have. However, don't let the slimness fool you, they are remarkably absorbent! Usually when trialling a new brand I will only use it for a couple of hours and slowly push that out as I test it's absorbency (also because absorbency will increase with each wash with bamboo), on this occasion though H ended up in the nappy for 6 hours without the hint of a leak! I shouldn't have been surprised really, each of the inserts is made up of three layers of bamboo cotton, so with the folded anchor, that's nine layers in total!

The cherry on top with the inserts is that they are both topped with stay-dry fleece, meaning they neatly wick any moisture away from H's bottom leaving her nice and dry. We generally line our nappies to help catch any poo, however, occasionally when she's already been, or I'm out of liners and taking a risk, I know I don't need to worry about her sitting damp.

Overall we love our Peachi Baby, it is one of my most reached for nappies, especially when I need something that may be worn for a few hours on a day out, or for a long car or buggy journey. Thank you for introducing me to your wonderful brand Rosie.

Toddler wearing Peachi Baby cloth nappy

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