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6 things I've learnt during our first year in reusable nappies

Updated: May 3, 2020

First birthday banner for a baby girl

Cloth isn't hard, it's different. In celebration of H's first birthday I am sharing what I have learnt from our first year in cloth nappies:

Yes there is extra laundry, there is no point in lying about it. Realistically it is only 1-2 extra loads a week. Ideally the machine should be about ¾’s full so I was always finding I needed to top it up. I usually added H’s clothes because they could withstand a hot wash meaning I wasn’t doing that as an extra load.

You read that right! The ruched binding meant I didn’t get the ‘up the back’ poos that I did in our first six weeks in disposables. Don’t get me wrong, we had the odd leak, but nothing that went very far, so I got far less poo on my hands after switching to cloth.

Once weaning is in full flow and you get more adult like poos it is strangely satisfying, rolling them off the liner and it to the loo.

Actually it is cheaper than disposables. If you buy only what you need you can save around £1,500 (and more with the more babies you have). However, I’ve found myself a tad addicted and have twice as many nappies than I need and am still buying.

Cloth nappy storage drawer with different prints styles and boosters

5. The prints

It’s all about the prints, that's what makes it addictive, having a special print for a special occasion - matching it to an outfit - or just because it’s your favourite brand and it’s new, I gotta catch them all!

6. I was the change I wanted to see in the world

I am a great believer that you need to make the choices that are right for your family, for us it was cloth nappies. By making this choice, I have now managed to “convert” a number of other mum friends to give it a go just by setting an example in doing it myself.

Cloth isn’t for everyone and that’s OK, but if there is even the smallest spark of interest there do give it a go, you may just find it is for you.

For more information on cloth nappies, feel free to reach out to me via the comments box below or DM me at @clothbummumm on Instagram, or for face to face advice find your local cloth nappy library.

Baby girl destroying cloth nappy circle stash shot

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