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10 questions with Paige

1. When did you first start using cloth nappies?

When Indie was 10 months old (I never knew it was even an option before this point)

2. What was the first reusable nappy you used?

A pre-loved little blooms pocket nappy

3. What's your favourite brand?

At the moment I can't choose between Mama Koala and Buttons Diapers

4. Which is your favourite nappy system?

Pocket nappy, these definitely make up the bulk if my stash

5. Prints or block colours?

Definitely prints for me, they are all so irresistible

6. What's your favourite print or colour?

Smart bottoms-Sprinkles. One of my latest pre-loved purchases and since I found matching baby Vans for Freddie I am obsessed with the doughnuts

7. Which is your desperately in search of print/colour?

Thirsties Lightning Bugs. This was released before I had tried Thirsties nappies and I so regret not buying it at the time

8. Poppers or aplix?

Although I prefer velcro for ease of use I hate how it can click the nappy fabric so because of this I use more poppers

9. Why did you choose real nappies?

After watching a lady in a mummy group on facebook live talk about real nappies I couldn't believe I hadn't heard about them sooner. Not only are they super cute but I love how I no longer have to send disposable nappies to landfill

10. What one thing do you wish you'd known before you started?

How addictive they are! Seriously I just can't stop buying

Paige lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne with her husband, little girl Indie-Rose who is nearly 4 and little boy Freddie who is 1 year old. As well as being a Nappy Guru she also works part time for the NHS as a data processor. Since joining team TNG last year Paige has continued trying to make as many eco swaps as possible in her household. You can follow Paige on Instagram @indie_mammy



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