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Close Pop-In: a review

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Baby wearing Close Pop-In nappy in tiger print

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Close Pop-Ins were the second cloth nappy brand we tried after being recommended them by a friend. The Pop-In is an all in two or hybrid nappy, meaning it works similar to an all in one in that the nappy and wrap are connected, but you can take them apart to use the shell multiple times and during drying.

The Pop-In however is slightly different to the traditional all in two because there is a small absorbent element to the shell meaning you can't re-use the shell between washes. However, this element is small and dries quickly meaning you can buy multiple inserts to use whilst the original dries and save costs when setting up your system.

Inside of a Close Pop-In Nappy showing the booster and soaker shape

The inside of the nappy is made up of a booster (the oblong bit) and a soaker (the shaped bit) and is available in bamboo or minky. By having two separate parts to the insert it allows you to fold the booster in a way that suits your child, or remove the booster while your child is younger and wetting less to make the nappy less bulky.

The wrap offers a double gusset around the legs as an extra layer of protection against leaks. One feature I really like about the Pop-In wrap is that the waist at the front is flat rather than ruched meaning you can get the nappy on tight with fewer sock marks.

Close Pop-In nappy leg hole showing double gusset

Fit wise, there are three rise settings allowing the nappy to grow with baby from 7lb - 35lb, although we are already on outer poppers at 15 months so I'm not certain how much longer they will last. That being said, I've been advised that now she's walking we may find that she slims down a little giving us more time with them.

One of my favourite features about the Close Pop-In is that you have a choice between popper or aplix fastening, which is a rarity in cloth nappies. Generally I am happy with either fastening, however I have friends who will only use poppers for fear of little ones undoing aplix, and others who will only use aplix for speed of changes.

All in twos make a great nighttime option because of the versatility of their inserts. Pop-ins are no different, they offer a specific nighttime booster you can add in, as we already had some heavy duty hemp boosters we added these between the insert and the wrap with great success.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know, when it comes to reusable nappies I'm a huge print addict. Close Parent do not disappoint, the variety and sheer gorgeousness of their prints make it hard for me to resist. They also support of various charities including Bliss and WWF with some of their releases, all round they are a good egg as a company. Looks wise they are one of our bulkier nappies, but personally that doesn't bother me. The Close Pop-In absolutely stands-up with absorbency so is a firm favourite in our household, particularly when I need a nappy I can rely on for long journeys or babywearing.

Close Pop-In real nappy on baby's bottom

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