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Buttons Diapers - cloth nappy review

Updated: May 3, 2020

Buttons Diapers All in Two cloth nappy in Sundance print

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I was recently lucky enough to be selected by Buttons Diapers to be a brand rep for the autumn print releases.

I'd never heard of Buttons before I applied so I was taking a risk - what if I didn’t like the nappies? Luckily, there was no requirement to share a certain amount on social media so if I didn't like them it wouldn't matter, I could just slip away quietly. However, I needn’t have worried because I love them!

Hemp insert inside All in Two Buttons Diaper wrap

Buttons are an All in Two nappy, comprising of a double gusseted wrap with an insert which pops in. You purchase the wrap and the inserts separately so you can choose exactly what suits your needs from three different fabric options:

- Hemp, 4 layers of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton

- Bamboo, 5 layers of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton

- Microfiber, 4 layers of absorbent microfiber

With all of the fabrics there are also night time doublers which you can pop in under your usual daytime insert. The hemp and microfiber inserts are fleece topped meaning baby's bottom stays nice and dry even without a liner.

I have both hemp and bamboo inserts and find the hemp to be the most absorbent of the two.

The wraps and inserts come in three sizes, newborn, birth to potty or super. As we were already long past newborn and H is a smaller baby we have the Birth to Potty wraps and inserts which are perfect on her. We’re currently on the middle rise so there is plenty more room to grow.

2019 Autumn/Winter Buttons Diaper print in Sundance

Fitting the nappy is a dream, the poppers snap together nice and easily and the elastics are lovely and supple so are snug around H's thighs. The double gusset puts my mind at ease about any potential leaks.

Popping the inserts in and out couldn't be easier with just one popper at each end to press in, I can easily change just the insert and keep the wrap at change time if there hasn't been a poo. I would happily put together an entire stash relatively cost effectively with around 5 wraps, 20 day time inserts and 5 night time doublers.

I am yet to try the night time doublers, this is mainly because we have only recently found a night time system which works for us because H is a relatively heavy wetter and I get nervous when trying new nappies at night - although I promise I will and feedback!

Since joining the brand rep team, Buttons Diapers has become more popular in the UK with The Nappy Gurus recently adding them to their stock. I can completely understand why people are so excited, they are an absolute winner for me!

Feature emerald button on new Buttons Diaper print

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