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10 questions with Annie

1. When did you first start using cloth nappies?

We started when she was around 6 weeks and went straight into BTP nappies.

2. What was the first reusable nappy you used?

TickleTots AI2

3. What's your favourite brand?

Tricky! Currently loving Seedling baby, Petit Lulu (snap-in-one) and Baba & Boo.

4. Which is your favourite nappy system?

Again tricky!! But if I had to choose i’d say All-in-two.

5. Prints or block colours?

Prints for sure!

6. What's your favourite print or colour?

For me- Rainbows or Autumn Blaze by Thirsties For Daddy- Thirsties Owls!

7. Which is your desperately in search of print/colour?

Lightening Bug - Thirsties

8. Poppers or aplix?


9. Why did you choose real nappies?

Initially to save money, as well as the environmental impacts.

10. What one thing do you wish you'd known before you started?

Keep it simple and don’t panic about leaks or stains.

Annie is a midwife, wife, doggy mum and mum of one little girl who is now 15 months. You can follow Annie over on Instagram @annieh_mumlife and on her blog MidWife and MumLife.

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